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Kodam IX/Udayana Holds 17s Ceremony, This is The Massage from The Commander of The Regional Military Comand


Kodam IX/Udayana Holds 17s Ceremony, This is The Massage from The Commander of The Regional Military Comand

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, DENPASAR ——Led by Kasdam IX/Udayana Brigadier General Sachono, as Inspector of Ceremonies, Kodam IX/Udayana carried out the Seventeen Flag Ceremony at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Field, Praja Raksaka Kepaon Dormitory, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City, Monday (19/6/2023).

In the message from the Military Commander (Pangdam) IX/Udayana Major General Sonny Aprianto, which was read out by the Kasdam, it was stated that all members should be grateful to God Almighty. Various activities that have been carried out in the Kodam IX/Udayana area, starting from the ASEAN Summit, AMOM, AMIM to ACDFM can take place safely and smoothly.

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“The success of carrying out activities and implementing security is of course inseparable from the contribution of the dedication of all members who sincerely and sincerely carried out their duties to the fullest. The success of all these activities further proves that Soldiers from Kodam IX/Udayana serving in the areas of Bali, NTB and NTT have the same values,” said the Pangdam.

In the near future, in October 2023 to be precise, the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit will be held in Bali which will be attended by Heads of State/Heads of Government from 47 member countries of the AIS Forum, all units to prepare and maintain operational preparedness of personnel and material.

Picture by: Pendam IX/Udayana

The Military Commander further conveyed, in order to follow up on the Central Government’s policy regarding the National Digital Literacy Program, the TNI leadership in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information has organized Digital Literacy within the TNI which is currently underway involving 40,000 TNI personnel as participants including the Kodam IX/Udayana as many as 2,000 personnel.

“The program will be implemented on June 22, 2023 online in the Kodam IX/Udayana area. This Digital Literacy Program is expected to improve the capabilities of all TNI Soldiers in utilizing Digital Technology which is intended to increase knowledge, understanding, awareness, creativity and skills regarding digital technology,” said the Pangdam.

In connection with the upcoming 2024 Simultaneous Elections, the phasing of which has started since 2023, the Military Commander reiterated that the commitment of the TNI in the Pilkada is clear, namely to be neutral, as mandated in RI Law Number 34 of 2004 concerning the TNI.

“By being neutral and not getting involved in practical political activities, it means that the TNI is prioritizing the interests of the nation and state rather than the interests of groups or groups,” continued the Pangdam.

Concluding his message, the Military Commander thanked all personnel of the IX/Udayana Military Command, both directly and indirectly involved, for the successful holding of the 66th Anniversary of the IX/Udayana Military Command. Hopefully this success will inspire everyone to do even better in carrying out their main tasks according to their respective fields.

Also present at the Seventeen Flag Ceremony were Irdam IX/Udayana, Kapok Sahli Pangdam IX/Udayana, Danrem 163 Wira Satya, Assistants to Kasdam IX/Udayana, Danrindam IX/Udayana, Expert Staff Officers, LO AL, LO AU, Para Dan/Kabalak Unit of the IX/Udayana Military Command, as well as Soldiers and Civil Servants of the IX/Udayana Military Command in the Garnizun Denpasar. (Uchan)

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